3-Part Strategy For Dealing with Narcissists as Co-Parents

Grace Wroldson - Author & Transformation Coach
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Dealing with a narcissist as a co-parent?

Feel like you are going crazy?

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3-Part Strategy for Co-Parenting and Custody Battles With A Narcissist

Establishing a Game Plan for Peace & Peace of Mind

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  • How-To Survive A Custody Battle With a Narcissist

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by Grace W. Wroldson 

The Narcissistic Co-Parent Can Be Navigated

Narcissists can be nasty. They can be especially difficult when they are triggered, angry, or lacking in “narcissistic supply”. So, it’s essential to have a plan in place for dealing with whatever comes your way. The GreyRock Method (being as boring as a grey rock) doesn’t always work and, further,  it doesn’t work for everything. This means we have to put our own strategies in place for dealing with a narcissist. We need a plan because we have to navigate the narcissist. This is self-work that we have to do to get strategic. 

As the author of several books on dealing with a narcissistic co-parent, I have been offering my tips, tools, and strategies to my readers. After the dust settled on my high-conflict custody case, I analyzed it. I looked at where I went right and where I went wrong. When I “pulled back the camera” on this saga to get an overall higher perspective, I saw that there are 3 separate categories that I had to make sure were “covered” in a battle with a narcissist. Each one of these categories is like a foundational pillar – important and crucial. Without one of them being solid and implemented, the others are just not enough when dealing with someone so manipulative. Even if we aren’t in a custody battle, yet, it is critical that we still have these 3 pillars in place to protect ourselves and our children from the fall-outs of family court. Further, getting these in place can dampen or lessen the co-parenting hostility.

Please note that I am not a legal professional nor a family court professional. What I am is a mom who has “been through the wringer” and has watched other moms go through similar scenarios in my private coaching practice. It’s important to know that this information is from my experience and not based on any laws or rules of the courts. Please use common sense and your own attorney to see if these tips can be helpful in your custody case.

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3-Part Strategy For Dealing with Narcissists as Co-Parents

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