Self-Love Solution Starter Series Online Mini-E-Course

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Self-Love Solution Starter Series* 

By Grace W. Wroldson, author of. . . 

So, You Love an Alcoholic?: Lessons for a Codependent 

(Book available on Amazon)

Self-love is where it's at! Self-love is NOT selfish, it's self-care. Self-love has power! It has the power to rebuild and regain self-esteem.

Healing the hurt caused by the lack of self-love is a process. Sometimes we need help getting started. A supportive, solid structure can really provide the foundation we need to begin our own personal transformation. Let this course be your guide.

The thing is. . . OUR healing is OUR responsibility. To heal, we have to bring our attention to OURselves.

Learn to step out of the problem and into the solution: The Self-Love Solution.

Why the self-love solution? 

  1. Because when you have self-love, you create self-care!
  2. You deepen your sense of worthiness!

This program is for you if:

  • You have been looking outside yourself for love
  • You've been focusing on others, never putting yourself first
  • You tend to make self-sabotaging choices that lead to self-destruction
  • You want to practice self-love so you can harness its power for your life

Get Started with the Self-Love Solution!

Find out what self-love can do for you!

Are you suffering from codependency? 

Has your self-esteem taken a nosedive? 

Need to shift your focus back to yourself?  

Don't know how to practice self-love?

*Take this 3-week mini-course and get started shifting into the self-love solution. 

Go at your own pace.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

For only $25, get started doing the necessary work with this easy online program! 

In this online program, you will get 3 emails (1 per week) with simple, easy action steps and the chance to do some much-needed self-reflection and start shifting to self-love. 

1. Read: the email to shift your focus and get your mind geared towards a self-focus which gets you started on a path to self-love

2. Do: the soul-work and self-reflection journaling assignments - simply write out (or type) your answers

 3. Submit: your answers to the author (or our private group) and mark completed

*You have a full week to complete this and the next week's email will automatically be sent to you.


Generating self-love is the most important self-work that you will EVER do!

Be invited to author Grace Wroldson’s exclusive private Facebook group "Self Love Solution Support Group" and be able to share your goals, insights, struggles, success, and completion of assignments with others on the same healing path. Get encouragement and share the amazing work that you are doing. 

Start today! 


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* This self-love email online course is written by award-winning author, Grace W. Wroldson based on her experience and opinions only. This online email series is not intended to cure, treat, mental illness, depression, anxiety, or problems that require professional help. Please contact your doctor for help and referrals that need professional medical care or treatment. Please also contact your local domestic violence agency if you need therapeutic support. This is self-help/self-study and not a proven method of help and healing. Please reach out to qualified mental health practitioners who have proper credentials and certifications to treat various conditions. The author is not liable for any harm, injury, or damage as a result of participating in this online program.

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1 easy email per week with short reading assignmenst or listening audio to gear you towards self-recovery, self-care, and The Self-Love Solution!

Get an email reminder to practice Self-Love
Get email reminder to practice Self-Care
Get encouragement to practice Self-Preservation


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Self-Love Solution Starter Series Online Mini-E-Course

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